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my calea trip

back in bacolod for nine days and i have calea on my mind. this is one of bacolod's top secrets: a patisserie so exclusive, they have no branches outside bacolod. the coffee and frozen latte are not exactly the best but the cakes and pastries are to-die for.

i went to visit my sister's friends, yoly and tinay, at their office on lacson street. they mentioned that they missed my chocolate cake so i offered to let them taste the next best thing, calea's chocolate cake. we went to the calea shop at L'Sea and they both ordered the calea chocolate cake with cream filling.


i wanted to delay my satisfaction for the other calea chocolate cake, the double-layered chocolate cake which i plan to bring back to makati for my office friends so i ordered an oreo cheesecake instead.


we paired up the cakes with frozen latte and frozen iced tea (redundant?).


by the way, is cheesecake a cake or a pie? either way, it's sinfully good... or should i say... sinfully bad?

that same night, my high school friends and i had dinner at 18th street pala-pala at the east block. and for dessert and coffee, we walked down the lane to...where else? calea, of course.

i couldn't resist having chocolate but not the double-layered one. instead i "settled" for a slice of dark chocolate mousse cake (which is quite different from the double-glazed chocolate mousse that calea also sells). this cake is loaf-shaped so the slice is rectagular in shape and about half an inch thick. but then, it's made up of three layers of chocolate cake. in between the bottom and middle layer is a peanut butter-chocolate filling that tastes exactly like Reese's cups. then, between the middle and top layer is a mocha cream filling. the whole thing is covered in chocolate frosting that can satisfy anyone's raging sweet tooth.

my bbff (boy best friend forever) totong chose his favorite dessert, mocha sansrival.


his pregnant wife, cutie, wanted to have a not-so-sweet treat since her doctor was monitoring her blood glucose to avoid gestational diabetes. so i suggested the oreo cheesecake which she liked. but even she could not resist the sansrival that totong ordered. at one point, i turned to her to resume our conversation, and found her taking bites out of totong's mocha sansrival.

on my return trip to makati, i hand-carried the double-layered chocolate fudge cake that my qa friends always ask me to bring back when i go to bacolod. mission accomplished!

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